Execute python.sh in WebSocket

How can I enable WebSocket when running
./python.sh *.py

Take a look at this example:

The example enables the native livestream by default. To change it to enable websocket livestreaming, edit the file: standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.kit/livestream.py

Comment off line #37 ("enable_extension(“omni.kit.livestream.native”) and uncomment line #41 ("enable_extension(“omni.services.streamclient.websocket”)

# Note: Only one livestream extension can be enabled at a time
# Enable Native Livestream extension
# Default App: Streaming Client from the Omniverse Launcher
# enable_extension("omni.kit.livestream.native")

# Enable WebSocket Livestream extension
# Default URL: http://localhost:8211/streaming/client/

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