Collect from USDZ failed to move textures


I have a USDZ file that contains textures, i’m saving the file as an USD , loading that , the textures are still referencing the USDZ file. If i try and collect as a flat collection i’m getting errors saying that the textures “failed to move from omniverse”

I cant find any reason for this, unless theres another way. Have been saving as a flattened usd but i always loose the textures because they still belong inside the USDZ.

Any ideas? Thanks

@parance are the textures from your localhost? from the sound of it, you could consider resolving the texture asset paths via extensions such as the USD Paths extension.

i don’t think saving as flattened affect asset pathing, so i am not sure if the specific failed to move from omniverse error pertains to that aspects or more to do with permission of the folder/asset you are trying move. it’s a bit vague without knowing where the textures were sourced from, hence my initial question.

Thanks but I cant actually get the textures out of the USDZ , the texture paths all go back to the USDZ and it wont let me collect from a USDZ, so i save USD but they still reference into the USDZ.
Not onto the file system if that makes sense.

This is the path for example inside the USDZ

When i collect after I saved a USD i get this, but it fails to move the jpgs and just has a material pointing here which is empty.

have you tried unarchiving the usdz (using programs like 7zip) to extrapolate the texture files?

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Ah didnt think of that, thanks that does the job. And i will relink the paths.
Why doesnt Omniverse just unzip and collect the textures

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We are aware of a limation with the COLLECT tool that it does not support collecting textures out of the USDZ file. We are already working on improving this. As mentioned, manually extract the textures from the USDZ file for now.

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