Collision detection for newly spawned object

I’m currently working on an extension in Isaac Sim which spawns a defined number of USDs within a bounding box. The part’s location and orientation are random. To make sure, that no part is spawned inside another one, I want to check for possible collisions after spawning to relocate the part if necessary.
The parts are defined as rigid bodies and I enabled collisions. Unfortunatly the Physics Demo Scenes “Contact Report Callback” and “Contact Report Immediate API” got errors on my Isaac Sim 2022.2.1:

Is there any “easy” way to get a true of false for the collisions of a given object?


not sure about the error, I see on that line:

    def create(self, stage):

Anyway I would suggest you take a look at the mesh overlap demo, you can use the scene query interface to check overlap for a given UsdGeomGPrim.


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