Is there a way to retrieve collision information between one or more actors in simulation?

I am using isaac_sim-2022.2.1 and the OmniIsaacGymEnvs to build my own robotics RL application.
Specifically, my agent needs information, for each robot link, on the contacts point (if any) with the rest of the environment, the contact normals and, possibly, the normal force.
Initially, I was using IsaacGym for this purpose and, in particular, I found the methods get_rigid_contacts() or get_env_rigid_contacts() to get the info I needed. The problem is that those methods are buggy (see this issue) and do not work when using the gpu pipeline. I consequently decided to switch to Omniverse hoping for a more complete API.
However, I have failed, up until now, to find a method/methods to retrieve the information I need in IsaacSim. Can anybody help me on this?
Thanks in advance

Hi @AndrePatri - Following collision related forum questions might be helpful to answer your question: