API to check robot collision

Hi, I am importing my own URDF (mobile manipulator). But when I enable the self-collision option, my robot will lose control. Because of that, I didn’t check that option, causing its arm can “go through” the robot’s body.

I wonder if we have another API to check this kind of collision in Python besides the method from API to check collision (self-collision)?

And if there is a collision, is it possible to check the source of the collision?

For example, I have a mobile manipulator. It is not okay if its gripper collides with its body, but it is okay if the gripper collides with particular objects. So, I wish I could know the source of the collision.

Thank you.

As mentioned in the thread there will be support for more detailed collision information through OG in next release.

Eventually you can also listen to collision reports while the simulation is running.