Color Correction Matrix in argus

Hi all,

I want to have a control over color correction matrix in argus. So i have enabled CCM enable and set CCM matrix as a vector.

Is it possible to change the values of CCM matrix dynamically by updating its values controlled through the slider values?

The motivation for doing this is to set the CCM along with custom saturation and custom contrast control.

On a top of it, I was trying to control the argus ISP saturation control through the slider value. Whenever I enable the CCM matrix and tried to change the argus saturation slider value, it was not reflecting in the real-time run.

I have checked the status of argus saturation enable value after enabling and setting the CCM matrix. The result is true(1) . But the change to the saturation value was not reflected in the real-time.

Am not sure what is the link between ccm and saturation values in argus ISP.

It will be helpful If I have an insight on this ccm and saturation control.

Thanks in advance