Compatibility of Jetson Orin with Sony ILX-LR1 Camera

G’Day all,

Recently I received preliminary grant funding to survey for the Rice’s Whales in the Gulf of Mexico.

The payload will consist of a Sony ILX-LR1 camera (and 56mm lens) connected via HDMI to a NVIDEA Jetson Orin (DEV-22098) and flown at 2500ft - 5000ft AGL. Intention is to have the Orin run a neural net to identify the detected species during a grid search in a BVLOS mission in the gulf. Would this combination work, or would there be data input/processing limitations of attempting to analyze photos in-flight? Photo capture rate would be approximately every 2.5 seconds.

Work began under my research here and it’s progressively grown:

Any technical advice to make this succeed would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Maybe check with vendor if have driver support on Orin Nano.


With Sony? I’ll reach out to them and ask, thanks!

One follow-up question: would you happen to know if there are any limitations of the HDMI port in terms of data transfer rate? The camera has two data output ports; HDMI and USB-C, would one be better versus the other to use as an output?

Suppose it could be HDMI to CSI.
For HDMI to CSI you need to implement the driver by yourself.
For the USB-C may have bandwidth concern if output large and high framerate.


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