Compatible USB cameras for Jetson Nano

Hello, I have to use multiple cameras on Jetson Nano. My financial situation is limited so i cannot buy a Multi-Camera Adapter for CSI cameras. So I am interested in using USB cameras for getting multiple frames. Can somebody suggest a compatible USB camera/webcam for Jetson Nano? Thanks in advance.

Hi @omerfaruktemiz1441, the Logitech C270 is known to work with Jetson Nano and you can find it for ~$25, it is one of the more affordable ones I know. I haven’t tried using multiple of them, but hopefully you can stream 2 at once.

Note that if you have one of the newer Nano devkits (945-13450-0000-100), those have two MIPI CSI camera connectors. And since the IMX219-based Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 is also ~$25, and would have less overhead that USB camera, perhaps that could be an option as well.