Compile application


Is it possible to compile an project to make an exe-file?

Hi Jack
Thanks for your great question. I don’t believe we currently support compiling directly to an exe file. I will check with the development team and forward your question to them. Thanks

That’s correct, it is not possible to compile to an exe. Anyone can freely create apps or extensions and distribute them (free or paid) but every end user must have their own installation of Omniverse (free or paid) to use them. This ensures the core components are always up to date and everyone takes part in the ecosystem.

As we roll out cloud services it can be possible for apps to be hosted in the cloud and end users could interact through a web browser like demonstrated in the Rimac car configurator.

I’m interested to know if there is a way to lock out an app with some security functionality and have the usda file encrypted in some way. I intend to use OV to dev an app as a on demand service. Is this something the team support or would plan to?

I can understand that the end client would require OV to run said code. What is to stop the propriety code of devs being copied or modified without permission?

Its a bit of a shot in the foot of devs working on paid apps in the eco system if not?


also my app would be used in areas with low or no connectivity so a streaming client isnt possible in such a situation.


You can compile DLLs in your extension to secure your sensitive code. You can also compile python but that’s less secure.

An App is basically a script that loads Kit with a GUI and a set of extensions so as long as your proprietary extensions are secure, the app isn’t a big risk.

I don’t think there is a secure version of USD but you could limit access at the user level in the nucleus server. Once the file is opened there is nothing stopping you from saving it back out though like any other DCC application.

We already have two examples of Apps as services, ACE for digital avatars and the Rimac car configurator demo are both Kit-based apps that run in the cloud as services. I can connect you with our DevRel team if you would like to explore this more but yes it’s part of the strategy for Omniverse.

It can be as simple as using Nucleus in the cloud to share stages with others (who download assets so not secure), using apps in the cloud like Create and View streaming to a web browser (keeping your content safe as you are only streaming the image) up to hosting your own custom apps as services.

Thanks for the swift and concise reply.

OV is a great platform, the main thing is understanding it in a clear way. There is a lot of moving parts and USD is at the core of it.

I’m doing ML so I think you have gave me some reassurance, there. Dev’ing thru KIT and protecting sensitive sections would be the way to go.

I have an idea but I will drop you a mail ;)