Configure DP-AUX0 and DP-AUX1 as I2C

Hello everyone,

how device tree must be changed in order to configure DP-AUX0 (pin 92/90) as I2C-6, and DP-AUX1 (pin 100/98) as I2C-4 (L4T R32.5)?
Is also any external pullup/down required for the peripheral to properly operate?

Many thanks


Yes, i2c - dpaux pinmux configuration is a special case that device tree change is required.

Thanks, and is there any documentation explaining what device tree changes are required to enable I2C6/4 on those pins?

We only have document for TX2. But should be same to Xavier too.

generic-no-api_r2 → To configure the pinmux setting of i2c-4 and i2c-6

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