Connect 2 Jetson Xavier NX SOMs over a custom board


Plan is to connect 2 Jetson Xavier NX SOMs (one as a root complex:SOM1 and other as an endpoint:SOM2) with PCIe Gen 4 interface over a custom base board.

Need help in understanding,

  • configurations that has to be done(for both SOM1 and SOM2)

  • info on driver files like PCIe etc… (download links)

  • Any other things to consider?

Thanks in advance!

For hardware, please follow the Xavier NX design guide to make root port and endpoint side design.

Not sure which jetpack version you will use.

thus, please refer to this first:


Thanks for the link. I could find limited software files/ information for Xavier NX. Will the software for AGX Xavier and Xavier NX be same from PCIe point of view?
If not, could you please help with some information regarding this?

They are same.


From the Jetson Xavier NX Design guidelines Link Page No. 27. There has been some confusion regarding;-

  • Looking like there is a Mux to control direction of clock signals. Is it available in the Jetson xavier NX module or the carrier board?? (as we are designing our own custom board)

  • Signals like PCIE0_CLKREQ*, PCIE_WAKE*, PCIE0_RST* have internal pull up?

It is on module as you can see in figure 6-10 in Design Guide.

Yes as you can see in figure 6-10 in Design Guide.

Thanks for the response.

We have another query regarding connecting cameras to the SOM.

Looking at the reference schematic: P3509_A01_OrCAD_schematic.pdf (CSI CAM CONNECTOR page), a I2C mux has been used to select the camera.

  • Can we connect 2 or more cameras directly to SOM (without Mux: TS3USB30E) and display out the video simultaneously??

  • If possible, could you please explain how to access the camera address through I2C?

hello shrinidhi.bhat,

it’s i2c bus multiplexer to route the i2c signals. and… yes, you may configure the camera connections without using multiplexer.
please see-also Camera Design Guide, you may refer to [Chapter 5. I2C Address] for details.

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