Jetson Xavier NX's endpoint capabilities

Hey everyone,

Jetson TX2 was using a common clock infrastructure with no clock inputs, eventually making itself a “root-complex only” device. So far, I’m using it as a root-complex and it worked just great. However, I need a Jetson device as an endpoint now. I wonder if Xavier NX has that capability or not. What I mean is:

  • Does Xavier NX also uses common clock?
  • If so, can it have an outside clock fed into it?

Thanks for your time, everybody.

TX2 chip have internal clock generator and HW design to use them not support outside clock fed.

I guess you completely misunderstood me. I know TX2 have internal clock. It just needs other pcie devices to be in sync with its own clock. I wonder if Xavier NX has some other option (Either no-sync or a clock input for pcie). Because in this position TX2 can work as root complex only.

Sure, NX support endpoint mode, please refer to PCIe chapter in DG:

Hi can the NVIDIA Xavier NX be compiled as a PCIe End Point like the AGX Xavier? What are the use-cases where this makes sense to implement?

I would love my Xavier NX DevKit could access i7 8565u whiskey Lake system RAM (maybe shared VRAM too?), better if it is bidirectional. I would like make this done via the M.2 Key E (PCIe 1x I think) or M.2 Key M (PCIe 4x I think).
PCIe 1x is fast enough even in PCIe 3.0 but if NX support PCI 4.0 on M.2 Key E connector it can rise 8Gb/s I think, I’m a begginer hobbyist so maybe it is just a crazy idea.