Connect X -5 - No ping response on cmd prompt from remote


I ping (22 bytes) from connect X 5 card to a remote pc , but seems that there is no response on cmd prompt from the remote

but when cheking on wireshark, I see the response to the ping request

Why we cannot see the response from the remote on the commend prompt?



Hello Sha,

Thank you for posting your inquiry to the Mellanox Community.

Given that the traffic is visible to the adapter, your issue lies somewhere in between that and the application. Ergo, it is possible that the Windows Firewall is blocking ‘Echo Reply’ packets from reaching the system.

Wireshark utilizes the npcap(or winpcap) library in order to capture live network traffic.

This library is closer to the wire than Windows Firewall - running on the same level as tcpip.sys in the windows kernel, it receives packets from the underlying driver. Wireshark, therefore, can view packets before Windows Firewall rules are applied.

I would recommend reviewing the firewall rules on all 3 profiles (Domain, public and private) to make sure that this traffic is not being filtered.


Mellanox Technical Support