Connecting RPLidar to jetson nano using HiLetgo CP2102 USB 2.0 to TTL Module Serial Converter Adapter Module

I found my RpLidar USB on my system by commanding lsusb. It is shown to be ID 11ca:0211 VeriFone Inc. However I cannot find the usb location in /dev/tty* anwhere. I unplugged and plugged it in, I had tried modprobe command and still seems ineffective here is the full log of my usb devices: Usb1-2.1 is my rplidar usb,

If you can see the device in lsusb but cannot see the expected node generated, please check which vendor driver is needed.

What do you mean by vendor driver? I went to their official website and they don’t have a driver for this? Since this is a CP210 module do I need to download the cp210x silicon labs driver on ubuntu?

Any suggesstions?

I cannot install the driver. Exec format error when i ran ismod cp210x.ko

It means the driver you are installing is not for arm64 arch. Sounds like you install a x86_64 driver on a arm64 device.

Instead of the usb i opted for a uart connection between rplidar and jetson nano. I am using the j41 pinout and I have connected tx rplidar to rx jetson nano and vice versa. Would this method work if I set the serial port to ttyTHS1 on jetson nano and read the data?

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