Connecting with ZED-Mini - IMU Errors

I have finished building the Isaac KAYA, and I would like to use the ZED - Mini camera to use samples such as isaac/apps/samples/zed_camera and isaac/apps/samples/stereo_vo. I have the ZED SDK downloaded on the Jetson Nano in the KAYA as well as CUDA version 10.0.166, and I have also deployed those applications to the Nano. When running them, however, I receive the error

A ZED-M has been detected but the camera sensors (imu) has failed to open. Please try to unplug/plug the camera again.

about 20 times, followed by

ERROR   packages/zed/ZedCamera.cpp@136: ZED Error: CAMERA MOTION SENSOR (imu) NOT DETECTED
PANIC   packages/zed/ZedCamera.cpp@137: [ZedCamera] Error initializing Zed camera

The same error occurs when I run the application on the host machine (with the ZED - Mini camera connected). I have tried printing the error in verbose mode to find advice on how to fix it, to which it responds with “Reconnect your ZED, the device did not properly start.” I have tried that multiple times in different USB ports to no effect. On the other hand, the ZED SDK tools, such as ZED Explorer and ZED Depth Viewer work fine, showing realtime video. I have also tried both ZED-Mini firmware 1142 and 1523.

Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated!

It may be that udev doesn’t give you access to the appropriate USB endpoint for the device.

What does “lsusb” say?

If you start the program with “sudo,” does it work?

If you unplug the camera, run “sudo udevadm -monitor” in a terminal, and plug the camera in again, what does udev say about the device?