Connection Error: Project Clone Failed: Your credentials may be incorrect or expired. Please verify your login details or token, and attempt to clone

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Submission Type
[YES] Bug or Error
Feature Request
Documentation Issue

Workbench Version
[YES] Desktop App v0.44.8
CLI v0.21.3

Host Machine operating system and location
[YES] Local Windows 11
Local Windows 10
Local macOS
Local Ubuntu 22.04
Remote Ubuntu 22.04

[workbench ERROR.txt|attachment](upload://pXPtxk0oSb6OYAcrzd52RLD6ILU.txt) (191.2 KB)

My guess is that you are hitting a bug where in some system configurations, cloning a public project can fail with this error if you haven’t logged into Github in AI Workbench (either during install for from the Settings screen).

This has been fixed in our upcoming release. To workaround this, log into github and this error should go away.

You can see how to handle integrations here: Overview of Integrations - NVIDIA Docs

On Windows, you can find the integrations page here. Make sure you have the GitHub integration configured properly.