Connection to DJI Zenmuse L1 using DJI skyport

Hi everyone !!

In an embedded application, I want to connect a Zenmuse L1 manufactured by DJI to an embedded Jetson (Xavier or Xavier Nx, not certain of the exact model yet). I know that this type of accessory is designed so that the data can be accessed through the drone’s hardware via the DJI SDK. But I will not be on DJI platform, and the goal is to get the streams, lidar, camera and IMU in real time, as well as to control the 3-axis pod (for that I can possibly go through an DJI A3) directly on the Jetson to run my own algorithms and give instructions to my autopilot.

If anyone has done a connection of this type between a DJI payload an a Jetson board, I’m looking for infos.

For now, I have found this link, but I haven’t finded anyone using Zenmuse L1 with this extension board :
but I don’t now if datas are accessible and protocols easily available (livox share its protocols, but there are maybe not the same)

Thanks in advance !!

The skyport is UART and LAN interface. Both of these interface are support by Xavier.
However you need to confirm if those data able export to you by these interface.

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