Controle the encoding bitrate using ovxio::creatVideoRender on jetson nano

Hey ,everyone

I have some issue, when i try to modify the default parametres of ovxio::creatVideoRender().
I want to controle the encoding in order to use jetson nano chips for H265 encoding and adjuste the quality by modifing the bitrate.

Until now i found the function getVideoBitrate()

int getVideoBitrate()
    if (const char * const fromEnv = ::getenv("NVXIO_VIDEO_RENDER_BITRATE")) try
        return std::max(std::stoi(fromEnv), 0);
    catch (...)
        return 0;
    return -1;
``` from : GStreamerVideoRenderImpl.cpp ( 

When i call this function the result optained is -1. 

What I aspect is to  use  setenv( "NVXIO_VIDEO_RENDER_BITRATE", "10",1)  like that i ordert to have an Bitrate at 10mb/s for exemple. 
unforgetly isn't so easy that doesn't work. 

Please someone have clue to control the bit rate and the encoding  nvxio_render?

Do you use VisionWorks1.6? We don’t have existing implementation in it. You may check the source code and add the function.

We would suggest you try jetson_multimedia_api or gstreamer. Please refer to the documents:

For running deep learning inference, please check DeepStream SDK.

Thanks for your answer but honestly i don’t see that realy helpfull.

Please check

VisionWorks-1.6-Samples/nvxio/include/NVX/Render.hpp: * Use `NVXIO_VIDEO_RENDER_BITRATE` environment variable to specify the target video bitrate in bit/s.

You can set environment variable to control it.