Could not find Vulkan(missing:VULKAN_LIBRARY_VULKAN_INCLUDE_DIR)


I am trying to compile driveworks-1.2 with cuda-10 on a native linux Pc.

Unfortunately while running cmake I get this error Could not find Vulkan(missing:VULKAN_LIBRARY_VULKAN_INCLUDE_DIR).

Looks like cmake is not able to find the Vulkan package.

How can I solve this?

Dear punith.joseph,
DW 1.2 is dependent on CUDA 9.2. Could you please check with CUDA 9.2? Please check Section 1.5(Software Dependencies) in DW release notes(

Thanks Shiva, I will use cuda-9.2.
But I have 9.2 and 10 installed.Is there someway I can have multiple version of Cuda installed and use them as per use-cases?

Dear puneeth.joseph,
Could you please set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH,PATH to CUDA 9.2 and check cmake output if CUDA 9.2 is actually mapped for confirmation. Please check this thread

Thanks SivaRamaKrishna for the documentation and forum post.

I also did couple of steps.

  1. Removed the link from cuda-10.0 .
  2. sudo ln -s /usr/local/cuda-9.2 /usr/local/cuda

Though the Vulkan error message still exist , but I was able to compile and build.