Could you build a Blender Add-on that makes Blender observe the W-E-R

I learned IClone before starting to learn Omniverse, and I instantly felt comfortable in OV because of the W-E-R is the same as IClone.

If you could do the same for Blender, it would help me not go through so many failed attempts.

My memorization technique for W-E-R from my 1st week of IClone 4 years ago.

W - We Need To Move It Move it
E - Easy Rotate
R - Resize

Thank you if this is possible, I think it would help Blender users also.

Hi there,

I think that’s a bit of a slippery slope-- how many presets should be shipped? How many DCCs should the key sets match?

That said, it sounds like you want the “Industry Compatible” keymap under Preferences → Keymap, near the top. Keep in mind that by using this keymap, some workflows in Blender become a bit more difficult or don’t end up having keyboard shortcuts any more. My personal recommendation is to try to learn the Blender defaults, even if it’s not what you’re used to, because that’s where the bulk of users are and where the bulk of UX improvement work goes.

~ C

What is DCC?

“Digital Content Creation” app – generic name for applications like Maya, Houdini, iClone, Blender, etc.

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Thanks. Industry Compatible is exactly what I wanted.

It did break Shift A - to add Mesh, but there is a menu item for that.

After I tried this feature for a few minutes, I went back to regular Blender.

Turning on Industry Compatible seems to mess up the ability to move around in the viewport.

At least I now know what I wanted is not what I wanted.

Thanks for sharing your experience, good to know.

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