Create & Omniverse to replace Keyshot?


I’m a Keyshot 11 user, but am currently testing Create in combination with HDR light studio and must say I’m quite impressed with the results.

I see Omniverse is free for individuals and creators is that right even on commercial projects ? So can I safely replace Keyshot and use Create instead as a freelancer ?

Any suggestions on making the move from Keyshot to Create ?



Do you mean Omniverse? Google told me Omnisphere is an audio software.

My client wanted me to use Blender’s Eevee for their Youtube kid show until I showed them the speed and result of Create. No actually, their previous producer left and the new guy doesn’t really care what I use. And they’re happy with the result.

I don’t use Keyshot but you can expect weird things to happen when we use Omniverse in the beta phase. For the first few projects it will take longer than usual. When we get used to the system, it’s kind of fast to work with.

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Thanks for your answer and yes I mean Omniverse of course :) I keep mixing the names as I’ve also used Omnisphere audio software in the past, just updated that.

I understand about the bugs in early versions, do you use the latest release version or last beta ? Keyshot is really great and was a lifesaver as no other software could do realtime renders when I started using it, but it’s very expensive and now I see what we can do in Create (especially in combination with HDR light studio) I actually have better results in Create so I think I’m going to make the switch.


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I’m using the latest one.

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Hello @HansVanEven! Yes, Omniverse is free for individuals and can be used for commercial projects!

Here is a link to our license agreement for confirmation: NVIDIA OMNIVERSE LICENSE AGREEMENT — Omniverse Nucleus documentation

2.3 License Types.
Omniverse Products obtained by individuals from the Omniverse Website under this license may be used commercially, provided however that (a) an authorized user can only use Nucleus, Connectors, Apps and Kits with one other individual in your entity or its affiliates to create Project Content without purchasing Subscription Licenses and (b) use of Batch by an individual is limited to two GPUs. For clarity, an entity and its affiliates may have multiple groups of up to two individuals creating Project Content without purchasing Subscription Licenses. Omniverse Enterprise Subscription Licenses are required for an authorized user to use Nucleus, Connectors, Apps and Kits with three or more individuals in your entity or affiliates to create Project Content. The License Portal contains Omniverse Products available under Subscription Licenses.

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Yhanks Wendy, that’s just awesome! :)