Nucleus Panel doesn't support spaces on bookmark path

Easy fix:

--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ def get_bookmarks_preferences(context) :
         bookmarks_str = context.preferences.addons[__package__].preferences.nucleus_bookmarks
         if bookmarks_str:
-            bookmarks_list = bookmarks_str.split()
+            bookmarks_list = bookmarks_str.split(';')
             for item in bookmarks_list:
                 path = client.normalize_url(item)
                 # Strip out the trailing slash, if necessary
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ def add_bookmark(context, new_bookmark) :
         return False
-        context.preferences.addons[__package__].preferences.nucleus_bookmarks += f" {new_bookmark}"
+        context.preferences.addons[__package__].preferences.nucleus_bookmarks += f";{new_bookmark}"
         context.preferences.use_preferences_save = True
     except BaseException as ex:

Thanks for reporting this and the proposed fix, @Im_Ninooo! We will investigate integrating this into the release.

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hello, @makowalski! do you have any ETA on the next Blender USD branch release?

I just found a critical bug with Rigify-based rigs in the 4.0.0-usd.201.1 version that significantly impacts me. This issue seems to have been fixed in Blender 4.1.

Hi @Im_Ninooo. The next USD branch release will most likely be late March. I can give you a more precise ETA the first week of March.

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Is there no way I can “transplant” Omniverse into a more up-to-date Blender version?

Waiting potentially a whole month will be quite difficult to me. I just keep finding more and more bugs in Blender 4.0.0, and I need Omniverse for my workflow.

Hi @Im_Ninooo. Unfortunately, Blender 4.1 upgraded to Python 3.11, which is no longer compatible with the current release of the Ominverse Connector add on. I’m sorry, I wish it were possible. Hopefully, it will be less than a month before the next release. I will keep you updated.

@makowalski hello, since the next version hasn’t been released yet I’d like to ask you if animation baking during export has been implemented yet, because the current version does not have it and it’s a vital feature for my workflow. thanks!

Hi @Im_Ninooo. Can you be more specific as to what you mean by animation baking? What specific features do you need for your workflow. We can currently save point cache animations, skeleton and blendshape animations, animating attributes and animating transforms, but I take it that’s not what you mean.

thanks for the quick response! I meant object and skeletal animation baking, because some animations require constraints to work (such as holding objects) and if I don’t bake them, they don’t move at all in the exported file.

other formats such as FBX and GLTF have an option for baking animations so you don’t have to do that manually every time you need to export something.



We don’t have this feature yet. Would you be able to provide a simple setup of a skeletal animation with such a constraint that we can use for testing your workflow?

absolutely! give me a few minutes. in the meantime, do you want me to create a separate thread for this feature?

Thank you! Yes, I think a separate thread for this is a good idea.

Fixed in 4.2.0-usd.202.0. thank you!

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