Create crashes when enabling WebRTC streaming


sinces 2021.3.2 I cannot enable the webrtc streaming. As soon as I enable the extension the whole process freezes and does not came back to live…

What can I do to find out what´s wrong?



Hi @c.bickmeier!

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with WebRTC streaming.

Would it be possible for you to share the logs from a Create session which you enable the Extension, so we can look for clues as to what may be happening?

For reference, the location where logs are stored on your machine can be accessed by clicking on the folder icon in the Console tab:

Thank you!

Hi @psawicki,

I`ve updated Create to do 2021.3.3. Now I can enable the the Webrtc extension.

But when opening the url (localhost:8111/streaming/webrtc-client, the create windows is resized but nothing more happens (the streaming does not start). The Url is changed to:

This is the console output

I’ll private message you the whole log file


I have the same problem, either getting the same problem as c.bickmeier, i.e. 0x800B0000 error or “Stream Server: Net Stream Creation failed”. Websocket streaming seems to work, although it’s very sluggish.