Extension dependency error


I have encountered this error below a couple of times. It occurs when I wanted to open omni.services.streamclient.websocket within Create 2021.3.3 Linux. But streamclient works within ISAAC SIM 2021.1.1. Any idea how to fix please?

2021-09-10 16:25:37  [Error] [omni.ext.plugin] Failed to resolve extension dependencies. Failure hints:
	[omni.app.mini-0.1.1] dependency: (name: 'omni.kit.editor', tag: 'mini', version: '', exact: 0, optional: 0) were incompatible in some of dependency tree search paths. Available versions:
	 - [local: omni.kit.editor-full-0.1.0]
	 - [local: omni.kit.editor-mini-0.1.0]

Many thanks

Hi @Tsluan ,

Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the problems you are running into with the websocket streaming.
Any chance you could paste the full log you get when you see that error as the few lines above that error will give us a better indication as to what extension is trying to load omni.kit.editor.


Hi Jozef,
Thanks for your reply.

Interestingly, that was the full log when I clicked the toggle button of websocket streaming extension.
I will copy what is above that error here anyway, just in case they are relevant:

2021-09-15 12:49:23  [Warning] [carb.python] [omni.kit.pipapi] 'dssim-py' failed to install.
2021-09-15 13:00:39  [Warning] [omni.ext.plugin] Extension with the same id is already registered. ext_id: 'aitoybox.ganverse3d-1.0.0', ext 1: '/home/usrnm/.local/share/ov/data/Kit/Create.Next/2021.3/exts/2/aitoybox.ganverse3d-1.0.0+102.0.cp37', ext 2: '/home/usrnm/Documents/Kit/shared/exts/aitoybox.ganverse3d-1.0.0+102.0.cp37'


That is a little strange indeed.

When you browse to the console tab in Create, there is a little folder icon that opens the logs location where there are a few more verbose log files.

Would it be possible to upload the latest one in there, after you have tried to enable the websocket extension.
I attached a quick screengrab to where to find the folder icon:

It is the livestream websocket client extension right?

kit_20210915_155907.log (417.9 KB)
Sorry I didn’t realise the location of a full log. Please see attached.


And yes, it is the livestream websocket client.

Hi @Tsluan ,

I went through the logs and looks like the error actually happens one time before as well, before enabling the streaming extension.

I see that you have the ganverse extension installed, do you happen to have that enabled with autoload?

If you do, you could try disabling it and then restarting create and see if that allows you to then enable the streaming extension?

If that doesn’t work or it is not in autoload mode, could you try and move this directory out of the way:

And then trying again?
My suspicion is that there is an extension enabled that is clashing with the streaming one.


Hi @jeenbergen ,

Thank you for looking into the issue for me. There is no autoload and I did remove the folder but it seems not changing anything.

However, after you mentioning I realise this error somehow occurs every time I open the Extension manager window in Create, as well as when I try to toggle any extension.

So I reinstalled the platform and Create. The livestream websocket client now works fine.

Actually I am also struggling with the Ganverse3D extension. But I will open a new thread for that.

Thanks again.

That is interesting and strange.
Please let us know if that does happen again but glad you have it up and running now and feel free to reach out if there is anything else we can do to help.