Create new PhysX project


I am starting my Master Dissertation, and I proposed to do some physics simulations over different physix engine.

I downloaded PhysX 4.1 SDK and successfully made the snippets in Visual Studio 2019 and Ubuntu 20.04. I was able to make some changes on snippets and recompile them with success.

My next step is to create a brand new project including PhysX.

I would like for instance, to reproduce a helloworld snippet outside the PhysX folder. I know I need to create a makefile to compile the project, but I didn’t used to work with cmake at this “project” level, I just know the basics of makefile.

I found this topic which gives me some clues:

But I miss some information about how and what to include in the main folder app.
For instance, where are those variables from the topic above being set? (should I set them at the beggining?)


I do really like to work on these topics (physx engine), but I really need help to start on.

Some tips would be appreciated.

Best reegards,