Create on Linux - broken AA

First of all, great work so far!
I’m running Create 2021.3.0 Beta on Arch Linux, nvidia driver 465.31.

RTX Viewport set to RTX Real-Time lacks anti-aliasing and the viewport is jittering - looks like a classic TAA jitter.

Looking at the logs:

2021-07-17 03:22:16 [Warning] [omni.ext.plugin] [ext: omni.renderer-rtx-0.0.0] Failed to load plugins, folder doesn’t exist: ‘/home/bart/stuff/omniverse/pkg/create-2021.3.0/kit/extscore/omni.renderer-rtx/bin’.
2021-07-17 03:22:16 [Warning] [rtx.postprocessing.plugin] NGX does not have DLSS feature. Check nvngx_dlss.dll is available.

I’m not sure about the plugins warning, but it looks like DLSS is not shipped or cannot be found - it seems to be looking for a DLL, which is obviously wrong on Linux.

RTX Path Traced is properly anti aliased.

It works great otherwise, hopefully you can fix the DLSS on Linux.

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Hi! @bart.sekura! I informed the development team about your issue. Thanks for reaching out!

Thanks for reporting this issue.
We have had a few fixes for certain GPUs that were causing DLSS to fail.
One of such cases is when you have multiple different GPU models in your system

Would you mind attaching your full log file?
They are typically located here: C:Users/USERNAME/.nvidia-omniverse/logs/Kit/

The manual workaround is going into renderer setting → Anti-aliasing and switching away from DLSS to avoid the artifacts.


As the topic indicates, it’s on Linux. Attached is the full log.

Although it seems clear that it refers to a DLL file, as I wrote above, which is obviously not going to work on Linux.
Perhaps a distribution mismatch?

2021-09-18 07:46:56 [3,113ms] [Warning] [rtx.postprocessing.plugin] NGX does not have DLSS feature. Check nvngx_dlss.dll is available.
2021-09-18 07:46:56 [3,113ms] [Error] [rtx.postprocessing.plugin] createDLSSContext error: unable to initialize context. Optional DLSS feature is disabled.

log.7z (30.5 KB)

Could you please try running the app with following commands to collect more info for DLSS team?

In the folder “/home/bart/stuff/omniverse/pkg/create-2021.3.5”, please open a terminal and run the following command:


Once loaded, exit the app and please attach the console logs, including nvngx.log and nvsdk_ngx.log files. Those ngx files should be dumped into home directory.
I will send it to DLSS team to investigate.

btw, note that Omniverse is only officially supported on Ubunu18 and CentOS 7, although it should not really matter for DLSS in this case.