Create the rootfs with buildroot for Xavier NX

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I want to build a minimal system based on Xavier NX. The sample root filesystem which Nvidia provides is quite large. So, I want to create a small rootfs using buildroot. Does this idea work on Xavier NX?

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Hi 602140974,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

What do you mean about “buildboot”?
How small for rootfs would meet your requirement?

I am using the devkit. It is Jetson Xavier NX emmc with L4T 32.4.2.

I want to develop a system with customized rootfs. I need this rootfs to be smaller than 100MB. In the forum, there are some successful cases in Nano and TX2. I wonder do they also work on NX?

Yocto or Buildroot seems both the 3rd party project and not maintained or supported by us.
We are using L4T for Jetson device.
You could refer to the following instruction for the minimal BSP from us.
Storage Optimization — Starting with a Minimal Jetson Linux BSP

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