Creating a soft pad as robot end effector


I have a modified franka robot with two blocks as end effector which are intended to simulate a soft pad (attached a photo).

I wonder if it is possible to somehow create a soft body simulating the black foam piece and attach it to the robot as an end effector. I have been looking the physx documentation on soft bodies but I dont see clearly if this is possible to do or those bodies are just to be used as objects in the simulation.

In this post two options are suggested to get a better finger simulation but I dont know which could be most efficient in order to create this foam piece.

@mlasa It should be possible, to select the rigid base and the soft body pad, and the create → physics → attachment. It should create an attachment object under the softbody, which can then be adjusted. Also use the visualizer
eye → show by type → physics → attachments → all

Hello, I will give it a try! Thank you for answering!