Creating Python script

i am having small progress with my jetson nano, yet need to learn how to create a python script. i have no idea where or how to create a python script while using the nano. where can i learn how to create a script from scratch? i need to learn so i can complete this next step in HELLO AI WORLD:

Coding Your Own Image Recognition Program (Python)

In the previous step, we ran a sample application that came with the jetson-inference repo.

Now, we’re going to walk through creating a new program from scratch in Python for image recognition called . This script will load an arbitrary image from disk and classify it using the imageNet object. The completed source at python/examples/

#!/usr/bin/python3 import jetson.inference import jetson.utils import argparse # parse the command line parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument(“filename”, type=str, help=“filename of the image to process”) parser.add_argument("–network", type=str, default=“googlenet”, help=“model to use, can be: googlenet, resnet-18, ect.”) args = parser.parse_args() # load an image (into shared CPU/GPU memory) img = jetson.utils.loadImage(args.filename) # load the recognition network net = jetson.inference.imageNet( # classify the image class_idx, confidence = net.Classify(img) # find the object description class_desc = net.GetClassDesc(class_idx) # print out the result print(“image is recognized as ‘{:s}’ (class #{:d}) with {:f}% confidence”.format(class_desc, class_idx, confidence * 100))


You can start this from the directly.
The script can be executed via running the below command on the console:

$ python3

And you can modify the file with any text editor and execute it without compiling.