CUDA 10.0 installation failed on WIndows 10

Hi i am new in the forum.
I wasnt able to install CUDA 10.0 on my new mobile workstation pny P4000 with the Nvidia P4000 with max-q design.
The installation stopped and shows visual studio integration failed.

Does anybody know a solution?



Hi, I had the same issue.
What did the trick for me was to uninstall those packages from “Programs and Features” -> “Uninstall a program”:

  • Nvidia Nsight Visual Studio Edition
  • Visual Studio Build Tools 2017

I have Visual Studio Professional 2017 with latest update installed.


that also did the trick for me!

Just to be sure I also uninstalled
-Nvidia Nsight Compute v1.0

thanks a million!!

It works also for cuda 10.2

arvid.arntzen thank you very much