CUDA 3.1 page needs serious editing

It looks like someone did a very sloppy job updating the CUDA 3.1 page and left all sorts of bits from the CUDA 3.0 page in the Linux and Mac sections without fixing them.

  • The Linux driver version in the left column is still identified as 195.36.15.
  • The Fedora, SUSE, and RHEL versions in the left column have not been updated to match the versions given in the links.
    (Fedora 10->12, RHEL 5.3->5.4, SUSE 11.1->11.2)
  • Ubuntu text in the left column and the link on the right both say Ubuntu 9.04, which means the link is dead since they are both supposed to be 9.10.
  • The MacOS link is wrong (there’s no 32 in the package name since now it is both 32/64-bit):…t_3.1_macos.pkg

In the Windows section also some typos:

  • “CUDA Toolkit Documentation” instead of “CUDA Toolkit AND Documentation”
  • “MVIDIA CUDA C Programming Guide”, “MVIDIA CUDA C Best Practices Guide” -> nice name, I like it :-D
  • CUDA Online reference is still named “3.1 Beta”

Something else, I can’t find any info about the “GPUDirect” API, is there a documentation somewhere ?

Thanks for pointing this out, folks! We’ve got the web gnomes working on this one now!

Toolkit for Ubuntu 9.04 seem to be missing (for both 32 and 64-bits)……

The link should have been updated to refer to Ubuntu 9.10. We’ve got this change plus a number of the other ones already mentioned here and elsewhere pending already. Thanks!

MVIDIA, what a handsome name~~~HoHoHo

But, I’m the one who seriously longing the new feature of CUDA 3.1. Unfortunately the toolkit for Ubuntu is such a failed link… Only to block project and waiting for…

Thank you, MVIDIA, any correction are welcomed…

Everything should be fixed now. Ubuntu is updated, links are ok, and we fixed that person’s keyboard so that their “N” key is no longer broken :haha:

good job~

The link for the Mac driver is still broken.