Cuda 5.0 -- Linux Developer driver

Dear NVidia Team,

is it possible to download the developer driver which is included in the Cuda 5.0 Production Release?

I’m running an gentoo linux and i know it is not support by nvidia. But the last releases you released the driver too and maybe there is a way to get the last driver too.


If you just want the driver, you can download the 5.0 .run file for any distro with the right architecture (x86 or x86_64) for your system. Then run the installer from command line as follows:

.run -extract=/home/
(replacing with the name of the installer you downloaded, and with your username)

This will extract the three component installers (driver, toolkit and samples) to /home/. Then you can install the driver from there. You can put whatever path you want following the -extract=, so long as it’s an absolute path.

Alternatively, you can install the regular display driver, as long as its version is greater than the version shipped with 5.0. Probably best to use the latest version if you go this route.

Thanks a lot for this information.

If i don’t use the developer driver i can’t debug any CUDA code on the GPU and so this is not an option :-/

I will try it.


I tried it and it works perfectly with gentoo linux 64.

Tamarzan, thanks for your support!