CUDA 5(.5) install fails on Fedoora 18/64

The whole system and the OS work fine, but there’s a problem when I try to install cuda for my wonderful GTX770 card on this I7extreme machine:

yum install cuda

always gets stuck because it cannot find

nvidia-settings-319.21-30.fc18.x86_64 (cuda)

Is there a way to solve this (I can compile/hack) ?

Hi theover,
Try running yum clean all and then installing cuda again.
What happens when you try yum install nvidia-settings?
Can your machine access other packages on the repository? Try running yum install cuda-core-5-5

It may be I shouldn’t first have used the rpmfusion kernal kmods, but it’s a drag anyhow on Fedora, maybe I can revive my Fedora 19/64 atempt, because there’s a package of cuda5.5 which allows a recent gcc to be used.

For the moment I’ve stuck with my 304 graphics driver, found out cuda 5.0 required a little less recent one, installed the “compatibility gcc3.4”, tricked the installer into funding that compiler with some symblinks and PATH change, and it installed. Becaue the driver version is ok, nnvcc works, and the makefiles are somewhat ok with the gcc34 (except some Optix builds I tried couldn’t find sse4.1, so I had to cmake those off).

I can compile most of the examples but have to change the individual makefiles to include a different clib, and to poiint at the NVidia GL lib. For the moment some working Optix compiles (all precompiled exas work) and most of the cuda 5.0 sdk examples (I didn’t try all yet) which compile with some work and work fine is cool.

I did have the impression the windows8 examples make more balanced or simply less use of the I7 resources, I don’t know why that is. But for now cuda 5 on Fedora 18/64 is nice to have mostly working, and the compile and programs run stable.

Maybe an integration of the nvidia and other packagers work would be nice (many people after all have nvidia cards), and perhaps even an Open Sourcing of the NVidia drivers ?

Theo V.