cuda 7.5 and supported GPUs

Hi all! :)

Where can I found a list of all GPUs fully compatible with cuda 7.5 on Linux?
I’m looking for a ‘low-budget’ (max 400-500 €) device which supports all the new features of cuda 7.5 (on a Linux machine)…

Thanks for help!

The highest compute capability is 5.2, which is supported by the GTX 900 series.

For 400-500 € you’ll get a GTX 970, which costs around 350 €. 980 and 980 Ti are bother over 500 €

Hi!! :)
Thanks for the reply and sorry for late response but I’ve got some problems…

I know that GTX 970 is for gaming (yes, it has 1664 cuda cores) and I don’t know if is really fully compatilbe with latest version of cuda.

It is.

Ty!! :)