Cuda 9.1 hangs Ubuntu 16.04

I completely new here; so please excuse my questions if they are too naive. I have an HP Z230-SFF Workstation, with Quadro K620, Intel i7-4790, running Ubuntu 16.04. It runs happily with 384.111. I run two screens one on the normal VGA; the other on the GPU output slot.

Upon installing Cuda 9.1, using the deb file, it replaced the 384 with 387. Then I got an error from Ubuntu that doesn’t specify anything, only saying that it is coming from propitiatory software.

Upon restart; the screen on GPU doesn’t come-up, after signing-in through GUI, I get the same error message, and logs me out immediately. So am unable to use GUI after that point.

As I didn’t know how to handle this I reinstalled Ubuntu fresh, and would like to try installing CUDA again, what should I do next time?

The 387.26 kernel that’s in the cuda repository is not compatible with the latest Ubuntu kernel 4.13.0. You’ll need to reboot and select the last 4.10.0 kernel and then it should be able to build the driver and work.

Does this mean that I should stay on the lower kernel version forever?

No they will release an updated driver for CUDA 9.1. I’m not sure when but it should be in the next week or two. They are aware of the issue with the latest kernel not working.