Cuda 9.1 installer that works with a Grid K2


We have a Grid K2 machine. I am trying to setup cuda in side a ubuntu 16.4 vm on this machine. When I use the driver download page it points me to the NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-367.57 version of the drivers which seem to work (they install and nvidia-smi shows expected results)

However when I go to install the current download of cuda (cuda_9.1.85_387.26_linux) it installs a newer version of the driver (387.26) which doesn’t seem to support the Grid K2 board we have (module stops loading and nvidia-smi errors)

I can find older versions of cuda but they all seem to need the same driver version. Is there some where I can find a version that will work with our Grid K2, and if so where is it?

The latest GRID drivers are what you should use (NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-367.57), and that will restrict your CUDA version (to CUDA 8 GA1 at the latest). Be sure to use the largest GRID Profile if you are actually using GRID virtualization.

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Ah… Thanks.

I tried the 9.0 package but not further back than that. Using the 8-GA1 release worked.

Any one finding this later: You may also have to make sure the version used by docker is the right version it now seems to default to a 9.0 image