CUDA capable-laptop which is the most powerful one ?

Hi everybody.

I am looking for laptop which supports CUDA. The main criteria is performance. Which mobile CUDA-capable card is the most powerful now? According to programming guide these are 9800M GTX (14 multiprocessors) and GeForce 9800M GT (12 MP). Am i right?
Did anybody have experience with CUDA-capable laptops?
Which performance should I expect in compare with 8800 GTX for example?
Can you suggest concrete laptop models with CUDA-capable cards?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Sorry, I thought that “cores” were the number of MP’s on the device, not the number of stream processors (SP’s). Please see SPWorley’s post below for correct info.

The highest power you can probably find is a SLI 9800M GTX. That would give you 192 SPs at 1200 MHz, quite decent. Only 512MB per GPU though.

The 9800M GTX will give you 1GB of device memory, and 112 SPs.

You are correct on the number of Multiprocessors. The Quadro FX 3700M has 16 multiprocessors so it would be the most powerful single GPU. Quadro FX 1700m has only 4 multiprocessors so it would not be a very powerful options. If your code can handle multiple GPUs then some SLI options might be cheaper or more powerful. I think that…px?SystemsID=32 provides the most options for building a GPU notebook monster.

What kind of NIC is in that machine? I have no luck on the DELL site to find out.

Thank you! Dell M6400 seems to be cool/

Most probably Dell Precision M6400, having NVIDIA® Quadro FX 3700M Graphics with 1GB2 dedicated memory.


Thanks Andreas,

that helped me to find out that the NIC does not support jumbo frames, so that saved me a wrong buy to find out.

If anybody knows of a laptop that has a NIC with support for jumbo frames and has a FX3700M integrated, I am more than interested!

Did you find that info online? I still cannot find it, but will check with the IT-department in our main office, they have just switched to Lenovo :)

Here is a neat site I stumbled across today, they have performance numbers for a ton of mobile GPU’s:…List.844.0.html

Sorting by 3DMark06 scores shows the 3700M on top (the SLI’s don’t count because CUDA can’t use them). The 9800M series isn’t terribly far behind it either (depending on which specific model you choose), but I don’t know how well 3DMark scores correlate with CUDA performance.