Cuda cross compile failed install

Hello, I’m trying to install Jetpack 4.5.1 on a Jetson TX2, my host computer is a Thinkpad X250 with no GPU.
The SDK manager encountered the following error during the installation of the CUDA cross compile on host tool
SUMMARY: CUDA Cross Compile Package on Host - host: First Error: APT system is broken and requires manual fix.
I tried executing

sudo apt update 
sudo apt --fix-broken install

and then installing again but the same error was encountered.
I then tried to follow this guide but the first command doesn’t return anything.

How can i fix it?


Since the host doesn’t have GPU, it might lead to some unexpected issue when installing CUDA library.

Do you need the package for host or just want to setup the TX2?
Please note that you don’t need to install the host component if only TX2 setup is needed.


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