Cuda debugging on new macbook pro retina


Has anyone been able to debug cuda on new (or old) macbook pro retina ?

I am currently using Mac OS (Mavericks) and Windows and may also install Linux.
I know that the integrated Intel graphics adapter is not activated with Windows, so I don’t think debugging will be possible. But it should be with MacOS and I can’t make it work (I tried using gfxCardStatus but it doesn’t help since when forcing to use the internal Intel card, the Nvidia one is completely deactivated - even for Cuda).

I hope someone found a way to do it…


Debugging on Mac is essentially done in Console Mode. You need to turn off the automatic graphics switching option beforehand though (System Control -> Energy Saver -> Automatic Graphics Switching). Otherwise, the OS might put the discrete NVIDIA GPU to sleep and then there is no way to wake it up from the console mode.