Debug with a single graphic card

Hi everybody,
I’m looking about to buy a new notebook(santech r39).
Unlucky, my prefered notebook has the integrated graphic disabled(becauseit uses a desktop processor),so at the end there is only a graphic device(GTX970).

Is there any way to perform local CUDA debug?is it possible for both windows and linux?I’ve googled a bit,and I’ve also read similar question on this forum,but I didn’t understand for which OS is available the Single-GPU Debugging…

Thanks for your time,

You can check your answer here:

In my case, I also have a notebook with integrated graphics disabled and only a graphic device (GTX 980M) on a GNU/Linux system, but when I try to debug, it usually get frozen. I hope with CUDA 8 or with newer drivers it get improved.

Hope that helps.