CUDA for a remote location


I’m running a workstation (Windows server 2012 + Quadro) to calculate some kind of CUDA things. In order to use the workstation from remote location,

  1. Microsoft Remote desktop : Fail, I understand why it doesn’t work.
  2. I opened SSH sessions using third party program : Error for ‘cudamalloc’ line(just complied *.exe file was executed)

Next, I tried another server(CentOS + Tesla) using SSH. In this attempt, I transfer *.cu file and complie(use nvcc) in SSH session. It works well.

So, I’m wondering why SSH session on Windows doen’t work for CUDA, and is there any solution for remote CUDA for Windows? Thank you in advance for the reply.

Have a nice day!

Try a VNC solution, or a solution like TeamViewer, for remote access to a windows workstation for CUDA access. I’m not familiar with your “third party SSH”, but it may have the same limitation as RDP.

Thank you for your suggestion!