CUDA install , Nsight Visual Studio Edition, devenv.exe unknown software exception error

I Install or CUDA Toolkit 10.1 update2 on windows 10. And also tried CUDA Toolkit 10.1 or CUDA Toolkit 10.1 update1. All 3 have same error message.
I installed Visual Studio 2019 pro first, then install CUDA.

During CUDA installation, when Installing Nsight Visual Studio Edition, I get Message Box “DDE server window: devenv.exe applicaion error, unknown software exception(0xc0020001) occured in application at 0x000000007C63522”.

Anyone know how to fix above error?

If you need, I can send *.nfo system information file.

Hi, I am having the same problem, did you find any solution?

I find solution that works for some machine and doesn’t work for other machine.
but that’s korean…시스템/596e19d1-b09e-4201-b4f5-1f8b0826e1ef

And NVIDIA help center send me email

“For this, you may find reference on Microsoft forums, I’ve included a link for similar issue:

Maybe it’s related to windows 10.
Did you find any solution?

same error any help

you have to un install all existinhg nvidia drivers then install visual studio installer comumunity edition assure that u have comunity edition then u can install CUDA toolkit 10.1 (or any other CUDA toolkit that you want to install)

@demianilie07 It dosen’t work. and I installed visual studio pro.

I met this on my local VS2019 as well , try devenv /ResetUserData can recover it for me.