CUDA on top of GeForce drivers?


Apologies if this is a silly question or has been asked before, I’ve tried searching for it but can’t seem to find it posted earlier or a clear answer either ways.

I’m running a system with a 1080Ti GPU and have the GeForce gaming drivers installed, I’d like to start using this system for GPU accelerated ML work alongside gaming, and have downloaded the CUDA toolkit, however, I’m unsure if these should simply be installed regardless of the GeForce drivers on the system, or will the two interfere with each other? Do I simply install the CUDA toolkit atop the GeForce drivers, and if so, is this how it’s actually supposed to be? That you must install the GeForce/Quadro/Tesla drivers and then the CUDA toolkit atop them?

Thank you for your time!

Your driver should work fine with CUDA. It’s important to make sure the CUDA version you intend to install is compatible with your installed driver. However if you have a recent GeForce driver installed, it should work fine.

A driver/CUDA compatibility table is provided in the release notes in table 1 here:

When you run the installer, the easiest approach if you want to keep your existing driver is to go into the installer advanced options and deselect the option to install the GPU driver that is bundled with the CUDA installer.