OpenCL / CUDA 8.0.27 on GTX 1080


Installing the latest CUDA 8 Toolkit (8.0.27) on Win7 installs a 362.61 driver.
The OpenCL dll in this driver is backed by CUDA 8.0.27 (expected behavior)

The problem is this driver does not support GTX 1080 (Card not recognized by windows)
Is there a way to use this GTX1080 with OpenCL dll backed by CUDA 8.0.27 ? (Official driver for GTX 1080 (368.25) has an OpenCL dll that uses CUDA 8.0.0)



That should have been answered for multiple previous GPU generations before on this forum.

If there is an officially released display driver with support for the CUDA version you want, install that display driver first.
After that install the CUDA Toolkit in “Custom” mode and disable all options which would install driver modules to keep the newer display driver intact. Normally you need only the CUDA Toolkit, examples, and Visual Studio integration.

The driver inside the CUDA toolkit is only ever needed when the toolkit is shipped before an official driver with support for that CUDA version has been released.