CUDA on Ubuntu Jaunty 64bit Installing the driver

I tried, a couple of weeks ago, to install the latest nvidia driver (185) in ubuntu 9.04 64bit. It said it couldn’t find an appropriate kernel and would attempt to compile one. After the restart, X wouldn’t start. So i tried a lower version. Eventually the highest version of the driver to work was 180.44. CUDA apps seems to compile and run beautifully, but when I try to do any apps involving CUFFT, there are problems. I looked around and apparently its coz my SDK 2.2 requires a newer driver.
Has anyone managed to install the later drivers on a system like mine? Did you experience the same problems installing as me, or am I doing it wrong?

rewolf work fine on ubuntu Jaunty 64 bit.

Try disabling Compiz/fusion-icon if possible, sometimes it keeps your X from starting properly.


thanks nico
Now that I know it works, I’ll give it another shot.

Are there any restrictions on what driver version I can use on 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) 64bit?


  • Matt Bondy

Ok Nico and others who can help, this morning I tried the driver again, and still no luck. So decided to look at dmesg, and saw that the kernel version was still 180.44 ??? and was conflicting.
My steps to install were:
sudo nvidia-installer --uninstall
sudo ./

During the installation the following occurred:

  • It knew of no driver kernels compliant with my kernel, so it checked the FTP site where it still couldn’t find any. So it proceeded to compile one.
  • It asked if I wanted OpenGL 32-bit library files for whatever reason, so I said yes (though I tried it with “no” as well).
  • It asked if it should run nvidia-xconfig, to which I replied “yes”.

But alas, startx still fails, and it must be due to this conflict but I’m not sure how to resolve it and get rid of the 180.44 remnants.
Here’s my dmesg:
and xorg:

Thanks a lot

I should probably be posting this in a different forum/topic, oops

Here’s a link that shows you how to disable conflicting software (linux restricted driver modules).
Maybe that’ll do the trick.