Cuda-Python install on Jetson TX2

Hi, there,
I am new to Jetson TX2. Basically I have a python project which designed on Ubuntu X86-64 architecture. In this project it used Cuda-Python for some customized cuda kernels. Now I want to migrate this project to Jetson TX2. I tried to install Cuda- Python on Jetson but not successful. It complains no CUDA_HOME environmental variable. My questions is : Can Cuda-Python be installed on Jetson TX2 ? Or should I rewrite the customized kernel in a way that Jetson supports ? am I on the right route?

Added: I edited the file to define CUDA_HOME variable to pointing to cuda directory. Then when I try to install it shows following errors:

Thank you . Any help is appreciated .


Based on the description below, CUDA-Python requires CUDA 11 environment.

However, we don’t have CUDA 11 support for TX2.
CUDA 11 is currently available in JetPack 5 which works for Xavier and Orin series.


Thank you for the information. I will try to find other alternatives. Really appreciate.

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