CUDA toolkit

Where can I find the CUDA toolkit on the Jetson Nano ? Is it included as a part of the image downloaded from NVIDIA ?

In particular I would like to use the Nsight eclipse plugins for working out CUDA examples.

I dont have a separate system for development and I would like to the Jetson Nano itself

Can i for example use the sbsa installer of the CUDA toolkit ?


You will need to use SDK manger to install the toolkit for Nano.

But please noted that Nsight EE only supports desktop user.
It cannot be launched on the Jetson platform directly.


So I will need an Linux X86 based system for using the SDK Manager ?


YES. Both Nsight and SDKManager need an x86 machine.

If this is not an option for you, there are some third-party IDE tools support ARM system.
You can find more information in this topic: