CUDA version for GTX1050Ti Max Q

What is the correct CUDA version for the GTX1050Ti Max Q. I have a dell XPS 15 9570 and I want to use CUDA for neural network projects. OS: Windows 10

The Cuda compute capability page does not list this GPU however, one of the forum posts that all discrete graphics cards since 2008 are supported. (Link:
However the post does not mention the appropriate version. Thanks!

keep your existing driver or use the latest driver for your GPU

as long as you use a recent driver, any CUDA version of 8 or newer will support your GPU which has a compute capability of cc6.1

If you don’t have any reason to choose otherwise, just install the latest version. However you may want to research the actual neural network software stack you intend to use. For example specific Tensorflow versions may expect specific versions of CUDA.