Cumulus Linux LACP modes

Hi community,

In Onyx, when I configure LACP, I have to set it to on, active or passive mode:

interface ethernet x/x mlag-channel-group y mode [active, passive, on]

While in Cumulus Linux, when you configure LACP, you cannot configure this setting. The documentation only says:

"Cumulus Linux supports IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation mode (802.3ad) and balance-xor mode. The default mode is 802.3ad."

Any idea?


What would you like to configure? A dynamic (LACP) or static bond?

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Hi attilla,

I am going to convert my Onyx switch into Cumulus Linux. My LACP configuration I have in Onyx is like this:

interface ethernet 1/1 mlag-channel-group 1 mode active

So I think it is dynamic bond.