Custom file system (small with no desktop)

I would like to create like to create a “minimum file system” for Xavier NX 16GB (EMMC) with no desktop.
I have worked through the examples in the developer guide, and have found descriptions of how to add custom files. I want to do the opposite - I want to remove stuff.
In this thread:

Add CUDA and other libraries to a custom file system (no gui)

there is a link to:

Create your own image for jetson nano board

Will the file system created with this procedure work for Xavier NX? Or is there an official “minimum file system” for Xavier NX?
Thank you.

Ideally it should work for Xavier NX. You may give it a try.

Besides, you can contact our partner for help:
Announcing Yocto support for Jetson Boards

Thank you. I have tried to build the file system, but I keep getting errors when the ansible script is updating the file system. I’ll give the Yocto-project a try as well :-)

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